Story Time Munchkins


Hey munckins. So I am going to be talking about everything and nothing. 

  1. I am currently trying to write a book and I think it seems pretty good but at the same time I believe that my writing is just total crap shit. I have a lot of stuff planned for it but I have to do a lot, and I mean A LOT of research. But besides that it seems like it is going pretty well.
  2. I started school again but it wasn’t the too long ago. I am trying to get my AA degree before I finish college and it is tiring. 
  3. I am not reading as much as I want to. I mean I do read a lot more than others and faster but lately with everything that is going on I am not reading as much anymore. Which is extremely sad to me.
  4. I am binging How I Met Your Mother and I can’t seem to stop, at all. It’s like an addiction that can’t seem to be stopped. 
  5. I am thinking of starting a BookTube Channel but I am too scared to do it. Partially because I have some problems with public speaking. I know that I am not talking to you in person but it is still the same to me. The second reason is because I don’t have the best quality equipment.
  6. I am so hungry. Sorry that is out of topic.
  7. Class is so tiring.
  8. I need more books.
  9. I wish I had more books.
  10. BOOKS.

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