Review: How To Behave In A Crowd by Camille Bordas

My terrible picture.


This books is based on the character on the character Isidore Mazal, an elven year old boy who is dealing with all of his older sibling, some by one year and some almost twenty years older than him, who are all extremely smart and remarkable for their age which causes him to be shadowed by his siblings. In this book we go through his point of view and through his life. How he deals with some first experiences, deaths, lovers, and family issues.

This book follows some very important issues such as eating disorder, suicide, somewhat of depression and other very important aspects. While I was reading this book I felt very immersed into the book however I did not like the way it ended. For me it left on more of an open note and I like books that end, for definite. If you don’t feel comfortable reading about suicide, eating disorders, death, and sex than this book might not be for you right now. During this book you will fall in love with certain character but at the same time you will hate others. This book heavily focus on the development of the main character in his family, friend and personal life. You will read about a complex character. While you read this you may laugh, cry or just throw the book (Which I don’t recommend).

One line I did like in this book was, “I loved my family, I believe. Even though I’d known no other and couldn’t really tell, I thought they were all right, decent people. But oblivious. They got lost in their thoughts. They had no sense of anyone outside our family, sometimes even me.”

The reason why I really liked that quote was it tells you about a majority of the book yet at the same time it did not. The quote to me is very relatable except I am more like his family members, not him.

“I received this book from BloggingforBooks for this review.”

FYI: Isidore is called Izzy and Dory.



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