Rainbow Read-A-Thon Day Four: Cliches In Books


Hello little munchkins, we are almost done and that makes me really sad but lets just enjoy this. So for this challenge we are supposed to talk about clichés in books and how they make us feel, E.T.C.

In my opinion certain clichés are very enjoyable to read, but some clichés are not enjoyable to read, at least in my opinion.

One I disprove of is the love triangle. But one I enjoy is stories that are retold, for example a tale, one book that I don’t believe is a cliché but has a cliché moment in it is A Court of Mist and Fury where it is a retold telling of Beauty and the Beast but I love the twists and turns Sarah J. Mass put in the book.

As I am currently writing a book I am trying not to put overused clichés but the clichés people enjoy, if that makes sense.

Well that is it. I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll post tomorrow my little munchkins.

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