Rainbow Read-A-Thon Day Three: Reading Habitis


Dear little munchkins I am here to tell you about my reading habits, so grab a snack and a drink, sit down and relax because I have some shit  stuff to tell you munchkins.

1.) I like to read in the quite but if I can’t I will still read but I will be very annoyed with the others around me.

2.) I am not able to read and eat at the same time, and that makes me sad because I have to decided between my two true loves, Food and Books.

3.) I am able to read and listen to music at the same time. I often listen to one song on repeat while reading a certain book. So whenever I hear the song I am able to associate it with the book.

4.) I like to read in my bed or on a couch or in a really comfy chair.

5.) I often cry like a mess or laugh like a hyena will reading.

6.) I talk to my book. Like I no joke yell at them like they are real people. My friends and family can vouch for me.

7.) I am able to watch TV while reading as it is a nice, small background noise for me.

Do you have any of these weird reading habits? If you do comment below. Don’t forget that if you are doing the Rainbow Read-A-Thon then remember to leave the link to your page in our comments.

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