The Glorious Heresies Review



The book, The Glorious Heresies By Lisa McInerney is a book based on several people, manly teens at the age of fifteen going through their life in Cork, Ireland. All surrounded by someone who has been killed they have to go through several problems but the main one being that someone died, maybe close to them, maybe enemies to them, but none the less someone that they know.

While I read this book I could understand it and relate to in in some areas, However I would have to caution younger readers to not read it until their late teen years as it brings up sexual intercourse in the book, along with drugs, murder, cussing and violence’s.

One line that I love in the books is one page  in my copy where it says, “How can I be sorry then? How can I be sorry when I did it for you?” The reason why I like that line so much is because it can be relate to anyone who has tried to do something in the good for others however it may turn out in a god or negative way.

As this book was not my favorite it was not my least favorite either. I believe it was a great book and I hope that many people read it and enjoy it.

I am so glad that I can read this book thanks to Penguin Random House and Blogging For Books. All review are mine. “I received this book from Blogging For Books For this review.”

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