Biannual Bibiothon Day Six: 25 Bookish Things About Me


  1. I am the book reader in the family.
  2. I drink tea when I read.
  3. I love reading when it rains.
  4. I am currently trying to write a book.
  5. I am shy.
  6. I want to start a booktube channel but I am too scared.
  7. I am on bookstagram.
  8. I hate reading outside when it’s bright.
  9. I borrow books from a couple of my trusted friends.
  10. I love to read classics.
  11. I plan to go into the book publishing business once I am done with school.
  12. I love to read in the quite.
  13. I like reading when camping or in the forest.
  14. I am a fast reader.
  15. I love watching booktube.
  16. I am currently making a Read-A-Thon with a bunch of other people.
  17. I read during school.
  19. I like watching book to movie adaptions even if they are terrible.
  20. I am able to read in the car without getting sick. YAY
  21. I am a mood reader.
  22. I read more than one book at a time. Once I read seven books at the same time. ‘
  23. I don’t like re-reading books.
  24. I wish that I could be a book character.
  25. I plan on making my children read.

That is my 25 Bookish facts about me. Hope you liked it. Have a good bookish day.

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