Biannual Bibibliothon Day Four: Ratings

A book I have rated Three stars is Allegiant by Veronica Roth. The reason why I rated it three stars was because I loved the beginning very much but it felt too predictable. The ending was depressing and I think everyone who has read it can agree. But what Tobias did in the end was sad yet cliché. I think three stars is not low on the rating chart more like an agree or okay while four means satisfied and five means extraordinary. However one means terrible and two means did not meet expiations. So the book was enjoyable but I’ve read more interesting books before, and many have had a better ending. I do recognize the writing endings to stories are hard but I think Veronica Roth could’ve done better. I also believe Veronica could’ve ended the Trilogy as a Duology. But I do understand that she felt like the story needed to adapt along with making money.

Have you ever read a book that made you feel the same way? Do you agree or Disagree with me on my opinions of the book. If you do please comment down below.

One thought on “Biannual Bibibliothon Day Four: Ratings

  1. It’s super interesting that you chose this book! I definitely have to agree with you on a lot of these points. I originally hated this book when I first read it, but now reflecting back, I think that it was very brave of her to write the ending that she did. However, I still think the ending itself could’ve been done differently, and the book (as you said) wasn’t really that necessary in the first place.
    Love your thoughts! 🙂

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