Summer Biannual Bibliothon Day 3: The Villains Synopsis. NOT A REVIEW


Hey everyone, so today I am doing the third challenge of The Biannual Bibliothon. Where you have to write a short synopsis of one of your favorite books, but from the villains point of view. I chose Leigh Bardugo’s Ruin and Rising, the Last book of the Grishia Trilogy. I hope you all have a laugh while reading this because I know I did. Have a great day, and see you tomorrow for the next blog challenge. THIS IS NOT A REVIEW OF THE BOOK IT IS A SPOOF.

The capital is perfect. The Darkling Rules Ravaka from the throne. The nation rests in the hands of the annoying yet beautiful Sun Summoner who can’t seem to kill The Darkling, a tracker who is hopelessly in love with the Sun Summoner, and the little almost nothing remains of annoying, backstabbing set of teenagers who are all whiny brats. Deep in an ancient network of tunnels a Alina, Sun Summoner, has to work with a exasperating Apparat who can’t seem to mind his own business and his follower who worship Alina as a Saint. However Alina has other plans, to continue hunting down that damn Firebird and hope that her precious Prince is still alive and somewhat okay. Alina has to make new friendships, much to The Darkling’s sadness, and put aside her old rivalries, again much to The Darkling’s sadness. All so Alina and her little group of misfits are able to find the last of Marozova’s amplifiers. However, Once The Darkling has almost everything going right Alina has to show up and ruin it. Alina finding the Firebird is the one thing that can ruin all of the Darkling’s plans. Let us hope she doesn’t.

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