Kiss Me, Kill You Review


I read an advanced copy of Kiss Me, Kill you by Larissa C. Hardesty thanks to NetGalley. During this book, you go on an adventure with Emmy Duviel. A 15-year-old girl who just wants to live a normal life and find true love. Just like in the books she reads.  What Emmy doesn’t know is that her mother, best friend, her best friends mother and herself are all Succubi, a sex demon that feeds on humans when they kiss them and take a soul during sexual intercourse.

Paul Andinn only had one job, One job, and he couldn’t do it right. He is sent to watch over her, make sure she doesn’t expose the Succubus to the world, and to make sure that her mother is helping her to learn about herself properly. Too bad that he’s falling for her and she to him.

In this novel, you find out more about Paul and who he fits into Emmy’s life. How she finds out about her mother’s true identity and what happened to her father. How she learns the difference between true friendship and fake friendship. And most importantly of all how to not kill of hurt boys when she kisses them.

This book was a very enjoyable book that was a quick and easy read. Or at least for me. I would give this book a Three out of Five stars. The reason why is because I found it very predictable and towards the second half of the book I had started to lose interest. Not because it was boring, but because I felt like it could have gone in a more interesting direction that could have captured and kept the readers more engaged.

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