Things I Should Have Known Review



    This book hits so many aspects of real life problems that it’s almost unreal.

The book Things I Should Have Known by Claire LaZebnik talks about important things that happen in everyday life. Some of them are cancer, autism, stereotypes, LGBT, and how people deal with losing a loved one.

    Firstly, cancer is a common sickness that happens to million out in the world. In the book, Ivy, and Chloe lose their dad to throat cancer. I have known enough people in my life to know this is a painful, terrible, sad sickness that no-one should have to endure. While reading this book I wished they went more into the dad’s plot. However, I am completely satisfied on how they children dealt with the death of their father.

    That brings me on to the next subject this book went into, the loss of a loved one. Not only were the girls dealing with the loss of their dad but, so was another set of siblings, David and Ethan. David and Ethan dealt with the loss of their mother. In the book, she ran away from them and their father, however, I wished they also went into more detail about their family situation. The went into how the dad dealt with it, but not too much. I Think there should be more and more information about the parent’s background because they’re also a major part of the book.   

    Thirdly, I love how they dealt with the topic of autism. I have an older second cousin who has it. So, in my opinion, I think the author went into the touchy subject perfectly. There really is nothing more that could be said about that. But I can say that how the author added that quick shock of how Chloe’s older sister, Ivy, was autistic and a lesbian is so important. When that happened I think everyone who read that was shocked and surprised. The reason why is because no-one expected it to happen. It could be something and probably does which makes me so happy. This book has represented a majority of things.

    They even dealt with people stereotyping people. We see this very early in the book when Chloe believes that David is an arrogant, all-knowing asshole. However, once she starts hanging out with him because their sibling is friends they become closer and closer throughout the book. Another example is when they were at the bowling alley with their sibling’s something happened that caused some of the people to look at them in a curious way, and for a couple of older middle-aged ladies to be somewhat rude to them.

 In conclusion, this book has talked about some touchy subjects that people don’t like to talk about until it’s thrown in their faces. Some of the touchy subjects were the loss of a loved one at any age which can be extremely hard. Cancer which takes thousands of lives every minute. The last touchy subjects are autism and LGBT, which makes some people uncomfortable because they don’t want to understand. All in all the book was phenomenal. However, it could’ve gone into more detail. But besides that, the book was great and should be read by more people, and brought up to the booktube community.

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