City of Miracles Review

City of Miracles by Robert Jackson Bennett is the Third installment in the Divine Cities trilogy.  The book is around four hundred and forty words. The book is already out for sale and cost roughly around seventeen dollars in America and twenty-two in Canada.  This book is the last book in the trilogy also.

This book is all about getting revenge. No matter the cost. It all starts off when one of the characters friends gets murdered, horribly. That causes the main character to go after the killer and get revenge.

I would love to say I enjoyed this book. However, I didn’t. I had such great expectations for this book and it did not suppress any of them. I feel like you have to go into it one hundred percent prepared to read a very out there book. I did not really care for the writing of the author, nor the characters. I did not think that the author gave the characters great story development. The author did give the characters development but it was not much.

“Then the knife sinks into his back.”

That is one of the best sentences in the book in my opinion because it is an action and a metaphor. Have you ever heard someone say, “She stabbed me in the back”. I’ve heard it. If you don’t know what it means then I will tell you. It is when someone breaks your heart or trust by doing something terrible and it crushes or hurts you extremely. In the book something along the line happened to the main character. Which makes me really love that sentence for the book.

In conclusion, I didn’t enjoy the read as much as I thought I would but if you like the idea of revenge or a thriller story then this book series is perfect for you.




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